Jupiter-fedés 2012. július 15.
(Jupiter occultation)

Szeged, Magyarország

1:10 UT

2:23 UT

2:28 UT Venus (under) and Moon, Jupiter

overexposured pic but Jupiter moons are visible (from left: Callisto, Ganymedes the brightest, between Jupiter and Moon Io and Europa)

previous pic with Hungarian subtitels

Jupiter I. contact: 1:26:25 UT (aprox) fotographic

Jupiter II. contact 1:27:44 UT (aprox) fotographic

Canon Zoom Lens EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 III USM, Canon EOS 400 D

III. and IV. contacts observed via Newtonian telescope but no time data (first raylight of Jupiter was so sharp)

Europa left the dark side of the Moon at 2:14 UT and finally Callisto at 2:29 UT

So marvelous phenomenon on a crystal clear sky, extremely good transparency but very poor seeing (due to wind)

Two main belts of Jupiter were visible and the very bright crescent Venus

Soligor 152/750 Newton reflector visual 56 x and fotographic observations in primer focus

Canon EOS 400 D

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