Sulicsengő 2010 product family

The members of the Sulicsengő 2010 product family developed to serve the need of schools, small enterprises, etc. The products developed with the following considerations:

The module consists 1 small box with all electronic elements and additional power module.

With buttons the following functions can handle:

  • restart of the module,
  • change between program sets,
  • list of the time within the active program,
  • switch on/off the silent mode,
  • switch between winter and summer time,
  • fire alarm manual activation,
  • manual activation of the bells,
  • LED for check the actual status.

For the melody type we can send example melodies via e-mail.

We can deliver with MP3 player, where only the size of the used SD card limits the lenght of the musics.

We can deliver the GPS based modul, which ensure the allways punctual clock, too. This can set the time in case of longer power outage.

You can order large size display modules, which can conncect to the basic module of the product family.

These displays can provide the following functions:

  • Standard clock
  • Stopper mode with up or down count
  • Internal temperature
  • External temperature
  • External temperature with clock
  • Fix number show
  • If You have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact with us.

    The product used more than 100 schools in Hungary and abroad.
    The base version is

    150 EUR

    For the price of other type, please write to us in e-mail. We are ready to serve individual needs.

    We are waiting for your orders !


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